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This fundraiser supports Sacred Farm Sustainability Community

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About This Fundraiser

Forever homes is a part of our larger vision of caring for and rescuing orphans. Instead of placing them in a massive facility with little oversight, our hope it to place them in family units (2 house parents and maximum 5 children).

This creates a forever home that the children can grow up in as a part of a family.

Our hope is to build 5 forever homes at a low cost of around $3,000 each. Using our innovative sustainable process of Aircrete and Domegia principals, we can build a really nice family home (example pictured above) for a family of 7.

Isn't that amazing! A beautiful new home for only $3,000USD. Yes it can be done, but only with your love and support.

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About Sacred Farm Sustainability Community

To create an environment for transforming lives holistically through the power of the gospel, by having a life on life discipleship environment that allows both non, new and old believers a placed to be equipped for the multiplying work of the ministry of the gospel.

Additionally it will be a safe place for trainings, job skills, education, basic hygiene, livelihoods, housing and care.

Our Goal now that we have land  is to raise enough funding build 5 homes and 2 training centers on site by 2025.

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